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Which strawberry plant is best for me?

We have multiple different strawberry plants for sale here at Moore Berries and this can sometimes be overwhelming for someone new to growing. This post aims to answer some of your questions and help you pick the right plants for you.

First you need to decide why you are growing strawberry plants. Do you want to make jam? Are you looking for a tasty snack while in the garden or are you looking to grow lots of fruit to store for use later in the year? This will help you decide on the best variety for you as different plants produce fruit that's better suited for different purposes. That's not to say that a strawberry that stores well will not also taste good too.

Once you have decided the main reason you want fruit, you can start to look at the plants. To make things easy we have made a list of which plants we would recommend for each application.




Now you are ready to order your strawberry plants online here. All of our plants are certified disease and pest free meaning you get high quality plants with lots of vigour, so they ready to get straight to work for you.


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