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And we are into February

Updated: Mar 12

It feels like 2024 has only just started but yet we are already 1 month down, how has that happened?

February is going to be a exciting month here at Moore berries with lots going on. We are currently working with another local supplier looking to add their blackberries and blue berries to our range.

We are also starting to invest in the equipment needed to pot up our own fruit plants. This will allow us to supply plants all year round rather than just bare root plants in their dormant stage. We are hoping to have all of this sorted by the end of February ready to pot plants up in March.

January was our busiest month yet with plenty of strawberry plants and raspberry canes leaving the field to find their new homes. We also spent time editing and improving the website so hopefully you are finding that beneficial when using us.

Thank you from Moore Berries.


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