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Raspberry Canes

Welcome to Moore Berries UKs raspberry cane collection. Here you will find the full range of raspberry canes for sale. All of our raspberry canes have been inspected and certified so you can be sure you are buying the highest quality product. We have everything from early season Glen Clova to late fruiting Autumn Bliss. We highly recommend you look at our thornless raspberry Glen Lyon it wont disappoint. 

Our UK Raspberry canes 

Here at Moore berries UK all our raspberry canes our grown by us in Norfolk. This ensures your raspberry canes are adapted to our climate. We dig and pack each of our raspberry cane orders fresh to each order this means they have been out of the ground for a minimal amount of time helping to get the best results when transplanting them. We also supply a free planting guide with every order to help guide you on your journey to growing your own raspberries. 

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