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Quite possibly one of the best tasting early strawberries 'Honeoye'  produces a heavy yield of extra sweet, medium sized firm fruit. It will have its best crop in the second year. It has good disease resistance but is susceptible to Verticilium Wilt. All our plants have been inspected and certified to give you the best possible plants to grow.


A good choice for making jams, desserts and garnishing cocktails.

Strawberry | Honeoye bare root plants

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  • Established Plant Size:
    Height Up To 20cm (7.9in)
    Spread Up To 30cm (11.8in)

    Hardiness & Longevity:
    Hardy Perennial

    Ideal For:
    Kitchen Garden

    Flowering Months:

    Harvesting Months:
    June & July 

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