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Harrod Horticultural joint giveaway

We recently ran a joint giveaway with the wonderful team at Harrod Horticultural. They are based in East Anglia like us, and they sell structures for the kitchen and decorative gardens. Their products are high quality and robust while having ornamental appeal. For this reason they are able to offer an extensive guarantee and have brilliant customer service should you need any assistance. We would highly recommend their fruit cages which compliment our soft fruit plants.


In the competition we offered a large bare root all season strawberry collection to lengthen the fruiting period as well as two bare root Titania black currant bushes. The all season strawberry collection includes Vibrant, Elsanta and Cupid. Harrod Horticultural offered a Harrod Standard Wooden raised bed that was 4ft by 4ft with capped tops. A brilliant start up kit for anyone looking to get into gardening or those needing to replace their old plants and beds. There was so much interest in this giveaway that we are sure we will team up again in the future. Thank you for everyone that took part! To stay up to date with what we are doing head to our social media now.


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