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We have one of the best gooseberry bushes available from our shop. Please go to the product description to learn more about this. Our gooseberry bushes are usually 2 years old this means we have matured them ready for them to produce fruit for you sooner. 

How to grow gooseberries

You will receive your bare root gooseberry plants between autumn and spring when they are dormant. It is best to plant these in the area you want them to produce their fruit. A sunny or semi-shade position in well manured, free draining soil. Remove any shoots or dormant buds from the base of the plant as these will produce unwanted suckers later on.

They want to be spaced at 1.5m apart. The plant should be set into a hole big enough to lay out the roots. Cover the plant with soil up to where they were in the nursery field (there should be a soil line at the base of the stem). Pressing down the soil to remove any air pocketsWater well and mulch can be added around the base to protect roots from cold weather. 


If the weather doesn't allow for planting immediately then you need to put into a pot of compost covering the roots (known as 'heeling in'). Once able plant into the area you want the plant to grow. New growth will appear in spring. 

For the first year of the plant will need to be water well to help it become established. This plant needs the soil to not dry out during hot periods, especially when producing fruit. 

Prune the plant in winter by removing any dead, damaged or crossing stems. Focus next on creating an upright open bush shape and reduce the stems by half. 

Things to consider:

  • Use a net over the plant to protect the fruit from birds.

  • Remove netting after harvesting the fruit to allow for airflow.

  • Mulch the plants to protect, retain water and provide nutrients.

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