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Our all season strawberry collection ensures you have fresh strawberries for as much of the season as possible. It comes with a selection of 15 bare root strawberries.

All the strawberry plants in this pack come bare root. It includes 5 Vibrant our early season variety, 5 Elsanta our mid season variety and 5 Cupid our late season variety.

The strawberry plants will be dug fresh to order off our field to ensure they are out of the ground for as little time as possible. This will help them establish as quickly as possible.

All of the strawberry plants for sale are grown in Norfolk by us and certified by Defra meaning you get the healthiest plants possible.

Strawberry | All season bare root collection

£22.50 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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  • Plant Size:
    Height Up To 20cm (7.9in)
    Spread Up To 30cm (11.8in)

    Hardiness & Longevity:
    Hardy Perennial

    Ideal For:
    Kitchen Garden

    Position In:
    Full Sun

    Flowering Months:
    April - June

    Harvesting Months:
    June - August

  • Expect fruit in the first year.

    Best fruit from the second year.

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