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'Glen Ample' is a mid season raspberry that has a high yield of large and firm fruit. It has a good shelf life with the berries being sweet in flavour. These are spine free upright canes that the fruit holds well onto. It is resistant to 2 strains of Aphid Vector Virus but susceptible to Root Rot, Spur Bright and Cane Rust.


All of our raspberries have been inspected and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture for pests and diseases.


This varieties fruit has a rich flavour, which is perfect for jams or freezing to enjoy when out of season.

Raspberry | Glen Ample bare root plants

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  • Plant Size:
    Height Up To 150cm (59.1in)
    Spread Up To 50cm (19.7in)

    Hardiness & Longevity:
    Hardy Shrub

    Ideal For:
    Kitchen Garden
    Wildlife Gardens

    Position In:
    Full Sun

    Flowering Months:
    May & June

    Harvesting Months:
    June & July 

  • Floricane (summer fruiting)

    Expect your plants to fruit from the second year. 

    Best fruit from the 3rd year on. 

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