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Our all season raspberry collection is put together to give you the longest growing season possible. This pack includes 3 bare root Glen Clova’s our early season variety, 3 bare root Glen Ample's our mid season variety and 3 bare root Autumn Bliss' our late season variety.


Our raspberries canes are inspected and certified by the ministry of agrilculture for pests and diseases.


Glen Clova and Glen Ample will produce fruit in the second year. Autumn bliss will produce a small amount of fruit in its frist year. Refer to our planting guide for more information on how to care for your raspberries.


Raspberry | All season bare root collection

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  • Plant Size:
    Height Up To 150cm (59.1in)
    Spread Up To 50cm (19.7in)

    Hardiness & Longevity:
    Hardy Shrub

    Ideal For:
    Kitchen Garden
    Wildlife Gardens

    Position In:
    Full Sun

    Flowering Months:
    May - August

    Harvesting Months:
    June - October

  • Expect small amounth of fruit from Autumn bliss in the the first year.

    Other rasberries will fruit from second year on. 

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