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Our currant rainbow collection allows you to have a rainbow of currants to pick from. The pack includes 1 Ben Sarek , 1 Rovada and 1 Versailles. This gives you a Black, Red and White currant bush.

Your currant bushes will all arive as 2 year old bare root bushes.

Black currants are one of the original super foods and are full of anitoxidants.


This fruit is brilliant for anything from adding to crumbles to putting in your morning smoothie. We have picked high yeild producing bushes for this collection to help you maximise your crop.


We recomend netting your currant bushes in to keep your fruit safe from birds and other pests.


All our our currants our grown by us in Norfolk. We lift our currants to order to make sure they are out of the ground for as little time as possible. This will ensure they are ready to make a good start when they arrive with you.

Currant | Our rainbow collection

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£25.00Sale Price
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  • Height Up To 120cm (47.2in)
    Spread Up To 120cm (47.2in)


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