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'Champagne' is a early season variety that produces a sweet and tasty crop. A traditional variety that is easy to grow and has deep red stems.


It can be used in desserts such as crumble, pie, jam and rhubarb fool.


Due to limited stock we are unable to provide a physical planting guide, but see below on how to plant yours.


You will recieve your rhubarb crowns between autumn and spring when they are dormant. It is best to plant these in the area you want them to produce their crop. A sunny position in well manured, free draining soil.  


Do not soak your rhubarb crowns in water as they will likely rot. 


They want to be spaced 90cm apart and row spacing 30-40cm. The plant should be set into a hole big enough for the crown. Cover the plant with soil, with the buds just above the soil level. Pressing down the soil to remove any air pockets. Water well and mulch can be added around the base to protect the crown from the cold weather.


Things to consider:

- Add a few handfuls of blood and bone fertilizer after planting

- Mulch the plants to protect, retain water and provide nutrients.

Rhubarb | Champagne crown

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  • Plant Size:
    Height Up To 60cm (24")
    Spread Up To  1.2m (48")

    Hardiness & Longevity:
    Hardy Perennial

    Ideal For:
    Kitchen Garden

    Position In:
    Full Sun

    Harvesting Months:
    April - July 

  • It can be harvested from the second year onwards. If you take any before it reduces the plants vigour.

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