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Benefits of planting bare root fruit plants

There are multiple reasons as to why planting bare root fruit plants will give you the best results. We will go over a few of these in this article but first of all what is a bare root fruit plant? A bare root fruit plant is a plant that has been field grown to a semi mature stage then lifted from the ground during its dormant stage. It is then sold on straight from the ground in bare root form (not in a pot). 

Why choose bare root form? 

Due to bare root plants being sold and planted during their dormant stage there is little disturbance to the plant. This allows the plant to start establishing as quickly as possible where as a pot grown plant may be stunted by the shock of being transplanted. An established bare root fruit plant is also a lot easier to send to an end buyer due to there not being excessive weight in the form of a large pot filled with compost. 

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